VIC Premier Dan Andrews allegedly gives all clear for using coke in lockdown

When Melbourne punk band Clowns tagged Victorian Premier Dan Andrews in an Instagram poll asking if cocaine was allowed during lockdown, they didn’t expect a response. However, if Twitter is to be believed, Andrews came to the party with an unexpected reply.

The answer? A resounding “Yes”, according to a screenshot posted by Twitter user @ScootiePuffJnr.

Dan Andrews
Photo: AAP

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has supposedly voted “Yes” to an Instagram poll asking if it was ok to “do Cocaine in lockdown.” The poll was originally posted by punk rock band Clowns.

We’ve received no official word from the Premier if he did indeed answer the poll or his opinion on drug use in lockdown. However, if the screenshot is real, it can more than likely be chalked up to an accidental slip of the finger or a social media intern gone rouge.

As of yesterday, the Melbourne metropolitan area has returned to stage three lockdown, following a surge in coronavirus cases over the last two weeks. According to the Victorian government, the lockdown orders will remain in place for six weeks.

When Clowns aren’t polling people on Instagram, they are making throttling hardcore punk rock and running Damaged Records: the outfit who are currently pressing Private Function‘s limited-edition, speed-filled vinyls.