Sydney diner faces backlash after creating a burger in homage to Donald Trump

A Sydney restaurant has divided opinions after releasing an ‘Orange Man’ burger in support of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Downtown Brooklyn, an America-style diner in Sydney’s Penrith, has ruffled some feathers with the release of their ‘Orange Man’ burger in support of America’s overly-tanned leader, Donald Trump.

The restaurant from Sydney’s west took to Facebook to announce the week’s special in celebration of the US election, with some followers hitting back at their inability to read the room.

Downtown Brooklyn, US Election, Donald Trump
Photo: Downtown Brooklyn Penrith

The burger comes with a “juicy lucy patty, deep-fried cheezels mozzarella patty, [and] liquid cheese”, all served on a tanned orange bun with a saffron Persian floss mop. A pretty damn good representation of Trump, to be fair.

We are paying homage to the orange man himself, Mr Donald J Trump! Here’s to another 4 years to ‘Make America Great Again!’. If you’re after a Biden Burger, head down to Burger Head – we hear they make silly sausage patties,” the restaurant wrote.


We are paying homage to the orange man himself, Mr Donald J Trump! Here’s to another 4 years to “…

Posted by Downtown Brooklyn Penrith on Monday, 2 November 2020

Obviously not taking too kindly to the apparent dig at their competitor, one commenter wrote: “It boggles the mind that you can talk so much shit about other burger places when your burgers are sub par at best?”

While others rejected the idea altogether, begging the question of whether the burger place even really knew who they were advertising to.

IQ drops with every bite,” one commenter wrote.

The likeness to the orange turd is impressive. But I don’t eat turd burgers, and I prefer not to patronise a business that is happy to endorse the loss of well over 200,000 American lives in the current year. I will be encouraging people I know to indeed take their business down the road,” wrote another.

Seems like an odd decision to alienate a large majority of your customer base,” wrote someone else, whilst another succinctly summed up their feelings: “I have never lost my appetite faster.”

Seemingly unfazed by the backlash poured upon the restaurant, Downtown Brooklyn later posted about the spices they use to season their patties and chips, the name of which is clearly inspired by Donald J Trump himself: ‘Leftie Tears’.

Some people ask what spices we use on our Patties and Chips. Only the finest of Lefties Tears, curated from the 1000’s of comments made throughout the years, slowly boiled till a refined crystal salt is formed,” they said.

Way to pour petrol on the fire.