Zoom F2 and F2-BT: field recorders that can fit in your pocket

Perfect for podcasting and field recording, the F2 and F2-BT are ultra-compact, lightweight recorders that are about as simple as it gets.

Zoom has also excelled in mobile recording. Of late, they’ve paid special attention to the podcasting market with the PodTrak P8, PodTrak P4, and H8. Now Zoom is introducing their smallest recorders yet, the F2 and F2-BT.

The Zoom F2 and F2-BT are battery-powered, ultra-compact recorders that are aimed at field recorders or podcasters. They’re incredibly simple to use and are armed with a lavalier microphone.

Zoom F2 1

The F2 and F2-BT set a new standard for portability: each weighs only 32 grams! The main difference between the two is the addition of BlueTooth on the F2-BT model, which allows you to control the recorder from your phone — you can check battery levels, start and stop recordings, or control the lo-cut filter all from an app.

Zoom affirm that there is zero clipping when things get loud and also no addition of noise when you turn up the gain in post-production. When you’re flying solo in the field, dealing with volatile sound sources, textbook gain structure might be the last thing on your mind.

Battery life is around 15 hours on the F2 and 14 hours on the F2-BT. They’re powered by two AAA batteries and include a stereo mini-jack input and output (with volume control). The recorders feature a clip on the rear of the device and a lapel mic clip for the lavalier microphone.

The compact recorders also feature USB-C connectivity and a microSD card slot.

You can read more about the compact recorders on the Zoom website.