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Zoom launches the H8: one device for all your mobile recording needs

Depending on what you’re willing to lug around, there are many ways to skin the mobile recording cat. With the H8, however, Zoom has introduced a device that can solve many problems in many environments, all in a single pocket-sized device.

Designed primarily for three typical recording situations—music, podcasts and field-recording—the H8 has the potential to excel at all these and everything in between.Zoom H8

Zoom has just revealed the H8 recorder. It offers unprecedented bang-for-buck in high-quality mobile recording across music, podcasting and field recording.

Zoom has a longstanding reputation for excellence in the field recording niche. This pedigree is reflected in the solid construction of the H8 and expanded upon with key innovations.

Its touchscreen interface enables you can select a specific workflow, depending on the task at hand. For example, when Podcast is selected, the screen transforms into sound pads, making it a breeze to cue stings and backing tracks.

In Music mode, you can record up to 12 tracks, with 4 XLR and 2 combi-jack inputs available. The touchscreen then transforms into a mixing desk to suit a multitrack recording workflow. In the Field setting, large meters are revealed on the screen and advanced processing—including a low-end roll-off and compression—is available.

There’s plenty of scope for recording with external microphones, but you can also switch between stereo, mid-sides, shotgun, ambisonic capsules and more. Plus, you can add the EXH-8 extension for an additional four XLR inputs, making it perfect for larger ensembles.

For all the details, head over to the Zoom website.