Stanley from ‘The Office’ is trying to start a spin-off series

Leslie David Baker, better known as the man who played Stanley Hudson through all nine seasons of The Office, has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of funding a self-starring spin-off series.

Baker’s character, Stanley Hudson, was the grumpy sales rep we all loved so much that he was upgraded to a series regular.


Leslie David Baker, who played Stanley in The Office, has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a spin-off series starring his character.

The Kickstarter has been set up and is attempting to raise $300,000 dollars by August 1st, though all the production details (other than a synopsis of the plot) are yet to be figured out.

The spin-off is set to pick up right where The Office left Stanley’s character, cruising around in his droptop after retiring in FloridaUncle Stan would follow Stanley’s move to Los Angeles to support his widower nephew, Lucky, in recovering his failing motorcycle repair/flower shop business. Of course, it wouldn’t be Stanley if there wasn’t a lady involved, so the series is also set to feature Stan’s “lady friend”/“would be fiancé”.

Baker is yet to confirm whether he has attained the rights to use the character, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to raise the funds to get a pilot episode off the ground.

In case you were thinking about donating to the Kickstarter, Baker and his partner Sadar Khan have pulled out all the stops.

The perks on offer for people financial backers of the project include a personal video message or Zoom call from Baker, a spot as an extra on Uncle Stan, tickets to the premiere, an executive producer credit, dinner with the cast, and a walk-on speaking role.