Adorable Dad watches 45 minutes of 'FIFA 21' thinking it's the Euros semi-final

Adorable Dad watches 45 minutes of ‘FIFA 21’ thinking it’s the Euros semi-final

An adorable gentleman has been fooled by the increasingly realistic graphics of FIFA and, much to the amusement of his family and the internet, watched the entire first half of a England vs. Denmark Euros semi-final simulation.

Who needs real sports when you can watch endless hours of FIFA simulations, right? Someone’s dad has fallen prey to the increasingly lifelike graphics of modern video games.

I can relate to the problem at hand – I myself have been fooled by misleadingly titled football videos on YouTube on more than one occasion. The key difference being that I realised my error in a more timely manner than our friend in this viral TikTok video.

fifa dad
Image: TikTok

The 30-second video was posted by TikTok user Tasneem Barakat, who stumbled upon internet gold when she interrupted what was likely her father’s first foray into the world of FIFA – the game. She can be heard trying to explain to her father, who at this stage is entirely engrossed in the action that it isn’t real.

The fact that he has clearly been looking forward to watching the game, having a freshly prepared meal in front of him, only adds to the complex emotional palate of what’s going on. It is simultaneously hilarious, heartwarming, and embarrassing – just the right sort of combination to get the internet whipped up into a frenzy of good-natured commentary.

@tbarakat9245 minutes into the game and he didn’t bat an eye 👀 ##foryou ##4u ##viral ##arab♬ original sound – Tasneem Barakat

It could also serve as the basis for some fantastic viral marketing for the newest instalment in FIFA. I can see the tagline already: ‘So realistic your dad won’t even tell you to stop playing video games’.

As a little aside though, no one and I mean no one, show Mr. Barakat any footage of Resident Evil Village. He is too pure for this world, and we must protect him at all costs.