Velvet melodies and pop-rock beats; Daily J have shared their infectious new single Black Lagoon

Daily J just dropped their new sing Black Lagoon; reminiscing on old hotel pubs and revelling in memories of late patrons at their bars. There’s nothing dead or quiet about this song, however, and it’s hard and fast pop melodies and highly addictive choruses prove once again that Daily J are an act to watch in New Zealand’s music scene.

The Arctic Monkeys-inspired tune begins with light, harmonic vocal melodies, before a sterner guitar riffs come in to scaffold Daily J’s wall of sound. It’s upbeat and rhythmic, with a deep synth making an occasional cameo, and a steady drumbeat throughout.

Combining indie-pop-rock beats with velvety vocal melodies, Daily J’s latest track Black Lagoon is a frantic taste of the band’s very danceable sound.

Daily J have been on a winning streak since 2017, with their hit By the Sea receiving a month’s airtime on Air New Zealand, and Space racking up more than 160,000 streams on Spotify.

There’s no doubt the four-piece (brothers Jayden on vocals/guitar; Jesse on sax/keys; Jonny on bass, and their mate Rick on drums) are on their way up, producing a spade of top-notch indie rock tunes, Black Lagoon included.

Black Lagoon was co-written with acclaimed Kiwi producer Joe Faris, who’s worked with the likes of Ruby Frost, Ruben Crown and The Shambles; and who also makes music under the name Ezra Vine. The song was brought to the life over a few beers on Daily J’s stomping grounds of Omaha beach, in the beautiful Matakana.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.