Daily Meds – Sour Milk

With a strong base beat, a truck load of attitude and some brilliantly spun lyrics Daily Meds are back to tell you what’s what on their second album, Sour Milk. Two years after coming to the attention of some of Australia’s big radio stations with their hit song Insane, Daily Meds have continued to develop their sound, building on their strengths and incorporating some new 90s hip hop elements and chesty jazz and soul sounds. Strap yourselves in and get ready to shake your head to some sick Australian beats.

Daily Meds

Daily Meds continue to impress on their LP Sour Milk with their measured rhymes, beautiful flow and evolving their sound with elements of jazz, soul and 90s hip hop.

The title track of this album is cool as a cucumber and smooth as velvet, showcasing the vocal stylings of group member Billie Rose who is, in case you haven’t heard the song, a lady. Yes a kickass girl rocking rhymes and laying down some smoky as hell vocal croonings. Lets just take a minute to thank the rap gods that the lady gender is being represented in this genre. This song ebbs and flows beautifully stripping back some of the heavier base beats and allowing the vocals to be the real hero of the track.

Rose’s voice has depth in both sound and content, I have been trying to find a good comparison to draw to better describe her voice but it has been a challenge. I’ve heard elements of Nicki Minaj, Megan Washington and Norah Jones rolled into one and finished off with a touch of Robyn, what has become very clear is that Rose has a voice that is all her own and that she can manipulate beautifully from track to track.

Scratching its way into my heart was the seventh track on the album, Don’t Tell Me. Group members P- Smurf and Mikoen combine classic Australian rap patterns and catchy chorus harmonies to create a song that will definitely get stuck in your head and have you swaggering all over the place with your new found gangsta attitude. Again Rose’s vocal contributions are well placed and compliment Roleo’s early 90s sounding hip hop beat that is interwoven with some funky electronic elements.

It is in the album’s first track however, Behind the Radar, that you see how fantastically all of the varied skills this group possesses can come together to create a hit. Daily Meds tackles social issues such as homelessness and economic inequality through a masterfully composed electronic hip-hop beat. They reach out a hand and pull you into their world; a world that is not afraid to expose the negative elements of our society and force a new awareness into your psyche through perfectly produced rhythms, catchy choruses and kickass vocals from all members.

Do yourself a favour and swap some of your run-of-the-mill American hip-hop for a fresh Australian take on the genre. Let Daily Meds broaden your view of the world and the many genres in which they dabble.