Daisy Brains’ new single Ha-ha-happy is a glorious punch to the guts

Sitting somewhere between Skegss and Chicks Who Love Guns, Gold Coast four-piece Daisy Brains belt out a gritty and jangly brand of surfy grunge that’ll kick you straight in the guts.

It’s a no-bullshit approach to sun-drenched rock n’ roll that’s brimming with infectious vocal melodies and hard-hitting instrumentation.

Ha-ha-happy, the jangly and hard-hitting new single from Gold Coast four-piece Daisy Brains, is an all-out kick to the guts. We never knew such a thing could feel so good.

On their brand spankin’ new single Ha-ha-happy, the band stomp through a unique blend of grunge, punk, surf, and indie-rock to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to themselves.

It’s frenetic and unapologetic; a glorious slice of lo-fi, fuzzed out guitars and wailing vocals. This thing will get your blood pumping at a million miles an hour.

This is the third single we’ve heard from the band, following We Used to Laugh About it and Float Forever, which have earned the band support slots for such legends as Good Doogs, Bleach Girls, and The Cherry Dolls.

These are still early days in the band’s career, but judging from what we’ve heard so far, I think it’s safe to say we’re in for plenty more great tunes courtesy of Daisy Brains.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.