Dallas Cosmas crafts a melancholic celebration on Alpha Beta Gamma

Dallas Cosmas balances celebration and melancholy in a way we’ve not quite heard before. The Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist, who has been an active musician for over two decades, has developed a sound that feels equal parts grounded and exploratory—it’s direct and honest, yet stretches into exciting and new sonic territories.

There’s an adventurousness in Cosmas’ music that stems from his motto on independence and authenticity. Cosmas believes that whether your music falls into the mainstream or stays indie, an artist must maintain a sense of self. From this, Cosmas is able to craft music that feels earnest and experimental; music that operates in its own world.

On his new album Alpha Beta Gamma, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Dallas Cosmas crafts a genre-bending piece of celebratory brilliance.

On his new album Alpha Beta Gamma, Dallas Cosmas has enlisted the help of a gospel choir, giving an old-school soul edge to his surging music. Throughout the new record’s twelve-track duration, myriad musical directions are explored, each feeding into a larger-scale vision. Each track carries an emotional weight, however, through the incorporation of a choir, it’s as if each small moment of sorrow is being celebrated—and, in turn, each small moment of life is being celebrated.

That’s the beautiful balance of Cosmas’ music. With intricate, perfectly-timed layers of instrumentation, it feels as though these seemingly-conflicting themes are dancing with one another. Despondent lyrics will twirl around spirited guitar lines, and delicate piano lines will lock hands with truly powerful gospelic harmonies.

Alpha Beta Gamma is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from Dallas Cosmas, and going off the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, we can’t wait to hear what he delivers next.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above.