Dance your worries away with Allely, the new dark-pop LP from Pikachunes

Need to dance your worries away? Let it all out with Allely, the new dark-pop narrative from Pikachunes

A triple threat in the world of dark-pop, Miles G. Loveless is the solo talent behind Pikachunes; writing, singing and producing everything himself.

Drawing upon feelings and experiences while just generally thinking out loud, Loveless’ lyrics are completely organic, singing of things unearthed throughout his life and his thoughts surrounding those moments.

This is just a fraction of what you can expect from Alleley, Pikachunes’ latest nine-track sad-pop project.

Pikachunes takes you on a journey of personal growth with Allely, contrasting darker themes surrounding a series of unfortunate events with contagious melodies and uplifting beats.

Well, it’s not all sad. Allely incorporates a whirlwind of elements, with each track bringing something vastly different from the previous. From upbeat sonics, contrasting beats, atmospheric sound effects and heavy keyboard strokes, it’s fair to say when it comes to self-production, Loveless knows his shit.

Allely is heavy with melancholy, with tracks like You Are, Pioy and Friends and Family carrying a lingering sadness and others sporting haunting beats nostalgic of The Presets or New Order.

Although absorbing darker elements sonically, one can’t help but be enthralled by the transcending beats and heavily emotional, yet strikingly catchy lyrics. Tracks such as Writers Block, Perfume and Nebula juxtapose sorrow with uplifting beats and the result makes you want lose yourself on the dance floor.

When so many songs use metaphor to convey deeper lyrical meaning, sometimes it’s god damn refreshing to have it put bluntly. With lyrics like, “I want your perfume to rub off on me,” and “you are the closest thing that I have to a soul mate,” Loveless removes any cryptic confusion favouring to serve up the raw, honest truth on a silver platter.

Allely is a journey of moving through life, with each song a narrative told through Loveless’ deep and powerful vocals. We follow Loveless as he runs into tragedy and heart ache, yet continues to move forwards, reflecting back as he moves on.

Blending darker themes with catchy melodies, charming lyrics and explosive beats, Loveless has succeeded in documenting his journey of personal growth whilst inciting uncontrollable urges to get down.