PREMIERE: Around the world in 80 days with Sweet Mix Kids in The Whole World

Sandon James & Chris Scott, or as the general music loving public know them, Sweet Mix Kids, have been steadily playing a hefty array of festivals (Coachella, Rhythm and Vines, Wanderlust) and supporting some equally hefty names along the way (Flume, Empire Of The Sun, Kimbra, Schoolboy Q) as of late. If you’re familiar with the Auckland scene, you will likely have noticed them collaborating with a multitude of artists. Now they have delivered The Whole World, a banger with Melbourne based artist Pikachunes.


When walking 500 miles isn’t enough, Sweet Mix Kids and Pikachunes will cross The Whole World to find their darling.

To accompany the horn heavy track they have released a video to treat us to the double whammy of audio and visual pleasure. And fun fact, the clip has been added to the Show Me Shorts Film Festival. The video opens with Pikachunes stumbling into a dimly lit bar and seemingly already sauced and a lady spies him whilst standing next to two rather ominous white cloaked figures, a motif that repeats through the whole video.

Before we hear the lyrics or even the hook we hear a slightly glitchy, voice over with lines like “You silly boy with your attitude,” and “This is the mood the mood under the moon.” It works well with the slightly chaotic nightlife scene that unfolds, acting almost like a narration for the story that is to unfold or at least providing us with a deeper meaning to his madness.

As he stumbles outside into a waiting limo (a very Cadillac we might add), we are hit with the criminally addictive horn line and Miles G Loveless is now emerging after a quick wardrobe change. One of the weirder points of the video is the doves flying out the door as he emerges, we aren’t quite sure if its because his mission is that of a saintly one or if he’s just so damn fresh he has produced literal doves (most likely the latter).

You’ll soon click that the hook line is “I would walk the whole world over, just to be with you my darling, I would walk the whole world over just to be with you again.” That’s where it becomes important, the video is set up at point to feel like a continual tracking shot taking us through several different scenarios each with a decidedly weird and incredibly cinematic back drop, like a gymnast posed outstretch from a swing set or a half naked gentleman doing some deep interpretive dancing with a shovel. The camera work does its job though as we begin to feel as if we are accompanying Pikachunes through each stage of his journey as he appears to walk the whole world over looking for his ‘darling’.

It could be that we a looking too far in to the rabbit hole but the more we replay the video the more things we recognize or begin to pick up on. Interestingly enough our protagonist seems to be enjoying himself immensely while finding his counterpart, stealing drinks and at one point gorging himself on a feast, it’s a point we’ll leave up to your own interpretation.

It’s well shot, strange enough and just the right amount of visual feast for us to enjoy.