Pikachunes drop their video for You Are, floods of tears ensue

Pikachunes drops a heart-crushing video for his new single, You / Are

It’s no secret that music can bring our thoughts and feelings to life, even at their most inexpressible. Melbourne aficionado of sad-pop Pikachunes grasps this concept whole heartedly in his clammy hands in the heartbreaking new video.


It’s music at its most stark and poignant; the sheer honesty of You / Are and its devastating subject matter personify the divine chaos that is love

From the deadly genius of Miles G. Loveless comes the towering ice-berg of emotion that is You Are. In its depth and burning soul the track is a journey to love’s darkest reaches. Simplicity and unfazed honesty burn your emotion into tangible liquid as the video brings its tale to an all-too-real visibility.

The video centres around a minimalist cartoon, blending shades of black, white and yellow to tell a melancholy tale of love at its most pure and futile. The story’s protagonists are a young couple, lost in their own love. Waves of desperate synth bruise your heart as they chime their tear-jerking song. The minimalism in both video and song play on the starkness of its subject matter and strum hard and unforgiving on your tender heart-strings.

It’s a gorgeous and classy interpretation of a dark and crushing story that will undoubtedly be hooking hoards of listeners on its desperate sadness. You Are is story telling at its most stark and realistic, it doesn’t pull any punches and it certainly doesn’t beat around the bush. Instead, the song and video combination dives head first into the bush and breaks its heart as well.

Bury your head in some headphones, dim the lights and join Pikachunes on a journey through the bluest corners of your mind.