Watch Daniel Johns “punch” a shark in a wild long-lost interview

A formerly-lost interview featuring Daniel Johns and punk group, These New South Whales has finally emerged…and it’s bloody wild.

An absolutely epic interview starring Daniel Johns and These New South Wales, filmed exclusively for TNSW Tonight! in 2020 was thought to be lost forever…until now.

Just recently, the footage was miraculously recovered, and the full interview is now LIVE on the band’s YouTube channel! As announced by Daniel Johns via Instagram on Tuesday (December 20), “Surfing, a life-threatening shark encounter and a short and sweet acoustic performance by ‘Sandy Johnson’.”

Credit: YouTube

He continued, “all this and more, featured in a lost-at-sea interview from 2020 with Daniel Johns on ‘TNSW Tonight!’ tomorrow night. 9pm AEDT on @thesenewsouthwhaless YouTube.”

The roughly 20-minute clip sees Daniel Johns discussing “his new surf-folk project, Sandy Johnson,” and premiering his “new single ‘Sex on the Beach’ with an acoustic rendition live on air!”


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Eliciting deafening cheers from the crowd as he strolled onto the stage, sporting wet board shorts, bare feet and a shark tooth necklace, Daniel Johns greeted the bewildered frontman of These New South Wales, Jamie Timony, who immediately asked him, “what have you done?…what have you been doing this morning?” A nonchalant Johns responded, “I was at Mick’s house…Mick Fanning.” 

“The surfer? You’ve been surfing?” exclaimed Timony. “Uh-huh…since I got back from Hawaii,” said Johns, slurring his words a bit. Flash forward a few minutes, and the frontman asked Daniel Johns about an “altercation in the ocean with a shark,” adding, “I didn’t believe it…true or false?”

“True,” says Johns. “I’ll show you exactly what happened.” Re-enacting the incident using a boogie board, Johns pretends to surf. Much to the crowd’s amusement, his boardies begin to slide down his bum, though he doesn’t seem to care at all.

Then comes the big moment. Johns showcases exactly how he “punched and elbowed” a shark, through a very messy mime. The interview in its entirety, laden with laugh-out-loud moments, has to be seen to be believed. Check it out via YouTube above.