Burkina Flats takes you on an emotional journey with ‘Faded Photos’

Burkina Flat’s debut album Faded Photos is a dynamic album with intricate storytelling that keeps you captivated and waiting in anticipation.

Hailing from Sydney’s Inner West, Burkina Flats are a group busily producing contemporary gutter rockers, infused with elements of folk, blues, country and roots and a large stadium sound. 

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Burkina Flats have received praise for their ability to capture a warm and analogue sound despite their music being mixed and recorded by their self-taught member Saxon Thompson, who produced it all in his bedroom studio.

Saxon’s songwriting strives for emotional storytelling, one that includes intricate narratives that are partnered with band mate, Christian Gibson-Smith, surf rock vocals. Burkina Flats are inspired by the classic and cosmic rock legends, which translates over into their debut album Faded Photos.

The album comprises 14 tracks and tells a story about falling into madness and losing touch with reality. Faded Photos delves into trying to grip onto fading memories of love, sense of self, and the fear of death, which is paired with brooding characters who are on a crusade of love and passion. 

Starting with the intro Chapter I: Take My Hand pulls you into the world of Faded Photos with intricate melodies. Following on is Majnun, which explodes with psychedelic guitar riffs and fuzzy bass line, as Christian’s velvety vocals provide a guide through the lay of the land. 

Blue Dress picks up from the gloomy vibe, with vibrant and lively melodic textures. The track explores the themes of escapism and love, with trickles of self-doubt being explored through the lens of the character whose story they chose to narrate. Kings and Chrome continue with psychedelic melodic texture and the low thrumming of the bass line, setting a moody scene as we watch the character lose their grip on reality.


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Following the first intro is the second interlude Chapter II: The Fall, which has an ethereal ambience blended with intricate melodic textures and airy vocals. Setting the scene for the second chapter of our journey into the world of Faded Photos. Hell Of A Time begins with pinch harmonics and psychedelic-infused guitars, creating a trippy soundscape as we fall into the fading memories theme.

Run is a pulsing track with gritty vocals and brooding undertones, with flowery lyrics that explore the darker side of passion and love. Continuing is Two Shots And A Stormy Cop (Run Faster), which continues with the brooding and pulsating scene, with thrashing guitar solos and a gritty bass line.

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Simple Story jumps into the deep end of the heartache of losing your sense of self. It is brimming with moody guitar riffs and dismal lyrics that will catapult you into a pit of swirling emotions. 

Starting the final descent of this album is Chapter III: Faded Photos, which touches on the final theme of fading memories and lost love, clutching onto the fear of death. Field Where She Lay (Part 1) continues the story, as they dive into a melancholic soundscape, as they express their character’s mourning, which is splayed across Field Where She Lay (Part 2). These two tracks enter the stages of grief and separation. 


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Hell Of A Ride picks up from the sombre scene, as Burkina Flats delve into the world of death and acceptance with upbeat guitar riffs and vibrant melodies. Ending their debut album on a high with The Climb, which is a gentle ending of melodic guitars and fuzzy ambience as we end our journey through Faded Photos.

Burkina Flat’s debut album Faded Photos is a dynamic album with intricate storytelling that keeps you captivated and waiting in anticipation. If there is any sign that you need to listen to it, then let it be this. You can now stream Faded Photos via Spotify below.