Daptone Records release new Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones music

Daptone Records have surprised us all with the release of a new Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley song Hey Brother (Do Unto Others).

The song has been released in preparation of the labels 100th 45 rpm record, which is due out on June 28th.

“Everybody seemed to really love the idea of being together on a record like that,” Daptone co-founder Gabriel Roth told Billboard

Jones, who passed in 2016, and Bradley, who passed in 2017, are joined by their former band The Dap-Kings, along with Menahan Street Band, Lee Fields, Saun and Starr, James Hunter, Naomi Shelton, Duke Amayo, and The Frightnrs who originally wrote the song for the 2016 record Nothing More to Say. 

The song has been refined so as to “be a fitting tribute to re-imagine the tune as a soulful collaboration between the dynamic vocalists on the label,” Daptone Records stated.

Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) features bongos and gentle electric guitar but is brought to life through the balanced vocals of iconic soul singers Jones and Bradley.  Joined by their former friends and artists, vibrant energy is added to the record as the singers celebrate the posthumous singers.

Listen to “Hey Brother (Do Unto Others)” here: