The musical trends of Billboard Top 200 tracks in one handy chart

If you fancy taking a strictly formulaic to pop production, this one might be for you. A fascinating chart has emerged that shows musical trends in Billboard Top 200 tracks, from 1963 to 2018.

The formula to success? Maybe not, but interesting nonetheless. The musical trends of Billboard Top 200 tracks over time have been mapped on this chart.

Trying to use this chart as a guide to creating your own music would be like songwriting Twister – contorting yourself to be able to press all buttons at all times.

The trends, though, tell us something about styles have developed over the decades, muscling their way into the mainstream.

Note the steady increase of Speechiness – does that correlate with the rise of hip hop? The downward trend of Acousticness seems to coincide with the advent of digital technology, highlighting its influence in pop production.

The peak of Loudness around 2000 – very much at the height of the “loudness wars” – makes total sense. However, the increase in Energy seems to be in contradiction of the decrease in Valence (Positiveness).

Check out the full chart below.