PREMIERE: Wash away the grime with Neighbours’ debut film clip Soap

Neighbours are back at it with an anti-bacterial dystopic vision of the future, Soap. For such a fun rambling punch of punk, it’s full of lyrical nuances and is another solid offering from the Sydney outfit.

Neighbours are a four-piece from the Inner West and achieved considerable attention last year with Bubble, which was FBi radio’s 15th most played song in 2018. Their serpentine sound swerves from naive to fierce, superimposing thoughtful lyrical themes with a driving punk gallop.

Neighbours debut music video Soap explores a world awash with antibacterial products and overly sanitised streets. It’s a high-speed ride that packs a delightfully tasteful punch.

Therefore, Soap takes an anti anti-bacterial stance, fearing a world too clean and too unable to defend itself from disease. The lyrics take on a new meaning when envisioning living bacteria as a metaphor for memory. When we kill off the bad (bacteria) memories we also kill the good (bacteria) memories.

It’s a high-speed, highly-stylised ride that sees the band in all white, sharing a posh meal of cleaning products, voraciously guzzling down dishwashing detergent and soaps. The sped up band performance and microscopic bacterial projections set a menacing tone for their dystopic vision, demanding everyone’s attention.

As one of Sydney’s most promising punk up and comers, it’s no wonder we are keeping a close eye on Neighbours.

Catch Neighbours live on May 19th at Oxford Art Factory with Life After Football and Scab Baby, as well as at Bad Vibrations Festival at The Lansdowne on June 1st. More info here.