Darling Fitch unleashes genre-melding singles: Rise and The Heart and The Bone

Prepare to embark on a captivating sonic journey as Berlin-based electronica and synth-wave fusion artist Darling Fitch unveils not just one, but two powerful new singles.

Berlin-based electronica and synth-wave fusion artist Darling Fitch has released two emphatic new singles – each a part of a larger emerging musical project that encases both apt and life-changing themes. 

Rise, a drawling and darkly layered ode to the resilience of Berlin’s underground communities, is teeming with musical influences. Sewn together inextricably, Darling Fitch has created a piece of both performance art and sonic exploration, all the while maintaining a clear focus and a challenging exterior.

darling fitch
Credit: Harvey Rabbit

There is an energy of protest to Rise, subtle and controlled, but effective in rallying those who hear its call. A signal of hope and of rejection, – an uprising of love and resilience rather than in violence – Rise bites back at the gentrification sweeping Berlin and offers an alternative.

In true post-punk fashion, this track takes aim at the powers that be, and waves a flag of resilience in their faces. 

The Heart and The Bone feels like the raw insides of Rise. An intimate dedication to the transgender community of the United States, amid their fight against social, political and legal repression.Darling Fitch, a transgender artist, has a personal offering.

Opening the space for empathy and support, while acknowledging the pain bestowed on those who are different, The Heart and The Bone looks at the harsh realities facing an endangered community, understanding and opposing the hands that have been dealt.

darling fitch
Credit: Claudia Brijbag

There’s a prevailing sense of loneliness throughout The Heart and The Bone, but the space it creates for anyone who seeks it gives the isolation a glimmer of hope. An ability to be lonely together – or at the very least, to be understood from afar. 

There is already an invisible line that ties Rise and The Heart and The Bone together. Flip sides of the same coin; an entry point at either side of the Darling Fitch creative spectrum.

A blend of industrial percussion, electro-wave synths and spoken word vocals encompasses these tracks, as well as a budding dance floor energy that is entwined with a delicious darkness.

Sparse in their production, Darling Fitch allows listeners to take their time in becoming familiar. The message waits for you. 

Listen to Rise and The Heart and The Bone below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris