UK rap triumph Dave flies to the moon on return single, ‘Starlight’

Dave’s poetry takes on an ethereal quality with Starlight, a lax-sounding single that samples Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon.

UK rap mogul Dave has a hit rate few rappers can claim. His scintillating 2019 debut, Psychodrama picked up a Mercury award plus his 2021 follow-up We’re All Alone In This Together went no. 1 in the UK, and is still charting in the top 10, eight months later.

Obviously, there’s cause to celebrate on Starlight – Dave was and still is, flying sky-high. However, what separates this rapper from the rest, is his succinct ability to examine the complexities of history, culture, and ambition behind all the glitz. Let’s take a closer look.

Starlight Artwork

There’s a lax sound to Starlight, largely due to the pitched-shifted Fly Me To The Moon vocals. However, Dave doesn’t waste any time diving into his mind. The rapper touches on his rapid-lifestyle change, going from making his first-hundred in South London to “countin’ cash with the phone to my ear, feel like Meek on a private jet”.

Relationship ambitions are another theme driving the track, where Dave gets a few quips in. The rapper likes his partners to be “obsessed, clingy”, so if they don’t “miss me, miss me”. Storytelling and honesty have always been at the forefront of Dave’s penmanship, so when the ethereal, free-flowing instrumental takes hold and Dave starts spittin’, it’s all too easy to close your eyes and listen.

The music video for Starlight is vibe-heavy, featuring Dave hanging with his bros, skating, brightly lit backdrops, love interests, and an array of memorable fits. The video’s emphasis on aesthetic over narrative compliments the relaxing sonics, making for a joyous viewing experience, especially with Dave’s charisma on full display.

Stream Starlight here.