Dave parachutes into Verdansk in new ‘Call of Duty’ inspired music video

Supreme storyteller and UK rap mogul Dave lives out thrilling combat scenes from Call of Duty in the Verdansk film clip.

Hot off the release of his UK number one sophomore LP, We’re All Alone In This Together, Dave has dropped a music video for its second track, Verdansk – inspired in no small part by the Call of Duty: Warzone battleground of the same name.

He’s also re-released the track, titled Verdansk – Survival Mode, now repping a new hyper-energetic beat and extended runtime. This is an unexpected treat, so let’s give it the attention it deserves.


The music video is a spectacle from the get-go, teeming with vivid lighting and blockbuster lens flares. There’s first-person camera-work, nuke visuals, flares, and military German shepherds. All these clever references build upon Dave’s loaded Call of Duty wordplay on the track, culminating in a synergised, endlessly entertaining viewing experience.

Director Nathan James Tettey clearly enjoyed realising the vision, letting the dogs chomp in slo-mo, Dave rap into a walkie-talkie, and flares bleed out into the night sky as the music fades. When Dave says, “that one’s mine”, a mine blows up. Touché.

Meanwhile, the updated single recording features more intense production, bolstering the ominous keys loop with relentless trap-beat-trickery. Suddenly, Dave’s quips like “no Russian” feel more immediate and engaging.

It’s a treat to watch a decorated and confident artist at such peak form, with a music video that not only complements the track but generates new meanings.

Listen to Verdansk – Survival Mode below: