Listen to David Bowie from beginning to end in a 23-hour, complete chronological playlist

David Bowie will always be remembered as a demigod of pop music, so pay your respects and enjoy 19 hours of his very best.

Some of us will remember where they were when David Bowie passed on to the next one. I was roasting alive in the depths of Sydney’s Town Hall Station, facing a 55-minute commute in what felt like a tuna can that had a stove lit underneath it. A close friend of mine gave me a buzz and simply said “he’s gone manThe Bowie is gone.

I was grieving for the loss of my idol almost immediately, and wished I could ascend with him into the cool and calm rarefied atmosphere rather than perishing in the depths of hell, known as rush hour in Sydney.

David Bowie Playlist

What you find below is a chronological, 23-hour ride through Bowie’s vast and formidable discography, from his self-titled debut to the masterpiece he released from his deathbed.

Bowie, who became known for his incredibly diverse abilities, is on full display in this playlist. Listen as he switches from folk, glam rock, dance, rock and roll and finally to the unique sound he established in his last effort Blackstar.

The Thin White Duke was a man who couldn’t be pinned down or categorised, he was someone who Josh Jones from Open Culture says “never let himself become a museum piece.

Despite the fact I saw the David Bowie exhibition in Berlin, he has a point, and perhaps that’s why it was the best exhibition I had ever seen.