David Lynch re-releases the first episode of his 2002 horror sitcom ‘Rabbits’

David Lynch is a total enigma; everything he creates seems to be speckled with a strange sense of mystery and terror. 

Now Lynch, the filmmaker, painter, sound designer, musician, photographer and actor, has released an old creation from the vault on his YouTube channel; the first episode of his nine-part horror-riddled sitcom Rabbits.

David Lynch

David Lynch has shared the first episode of his 2002 sitcom Rabbits on his YouTube channel. 

A fair warning: Rabbits is certainly not your typical sitcom. The short episode sees three rabbit humanoids living in a strange, dimly lit room. The tagline of the sitcom: “In a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain… three rabbits live with a fearful mystery.”  Oh, how very David Lynch. The disjointed conversations of the rabbit-human hybrids are constantly interrupted by an overpowering laugh track. Why? Perhaps to instil the horror of sitcom falsities, or maybe just to freak you out. The first episode also includes the intrusion of an eerie demonic voice coupled with sinister red lighting, and while the sitcom-style laughter still protrudes, you are left feeling extremely unsettled. If you didn’t know this by now, the work of David Lynch is certainly not for the faint of heart. 

The cast includes Scott Coffey, Laura Elena Harring, and Naomi Watts, with its entire production taking place in Lynch’s Hollywood garden in a set he made by hand. And of course, the series would not be complete without a score composed by Angelo Badalamenti. 

While all nine episodes were once available online, they were removed and re-edited, with the gloomy and unsettling footage being included in Lynch’s 2006 film, Inland Empire elevating the horror within. 

Last month, Lynch released his 2015 short Fire (Pozar) which had been in the vault for a few years. He has also been using his YouTube channel for a number of cool other releases and work. 

Watch the first episode of Rabbits below. (That’s if you have the guts.)