DC launches new DC Pride, in honour of Pride Month.

DC Comics is going all out for Pride month this year, celebrating all things LGBTQIA+ with an extra-large helping of their Pride Anthology and much more.

DC Comics has a lot going on for Pride month this year, not only releasing its extra-sized annual DC Pride 2022 Anthology celebrating LGBTQIA+ heroes, characters, and creators but also launching a brand new DC Pride Hub.

DC Comics has announced, that they’ll be partnering with PFLAG National,  to distribute 10,000 copies of DC Pride 2022 to libraries across the U.S.  This month, the DC Community will be hosting DC Pride Book Club discussions on stories featuring LGBTQIA+ characters. DC’s Pride Book Club’s sole aim is to be an inclusive place for all DC fans.  

Dc Pride Month
Jen Bartel’s Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Credit: DC

The 104-page anthology will have an introduction by activist, actress, and real-life superhero Nicole Maines (including a teaser for her upcoming DC project) and features a main cover by Phil Jimenez and Arif Prianto, a variant covers by Joshua “Sway” Swaby, and Jen Bartel.

There is a lot on offer, exclusive tees for Pride 2022, with four designs by Artist Jen Bartel contributing an incredible Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn sharing a sweet moment on an incredible variant cover for the upcoming anthology book. 

Pride DC
Credit: DC

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #1 plus loads more are slated for release this June, check out the impressive line up here.