Dead Soft

As far as the global music scene goes, Canada is a place that seems to be absolutely killin’ it at the moment. Hailing from Vancouver in the country’s south, (and to further prove my case in point) are yet another talented trio of Canadian musicians that share the enjoyable duties of vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Since 2011, Nathaniel, Keeley and Graeme have been busy writing, recording, playing, and touring under the guise of Dead Soft, and with five mighty-fine releases already available on the group’s Bandcamp, their musical star is only destined to grow brighter.

dead softNew fav Canadian band alert: Dead Soft are a trio, and their cute-ass blend of poppy 60s melodies with hard, angry, yellin’ and screamin’ is just what we like.

Part rock, part grunge, part indie, and part shoegaze – Dead Soft are certainly a band that will keep your feet tappin’ and your inner rock star ready to belt out some sweet melodies… Surely I can’t be alone on that one. Although the trio’s sound still lies very much within the bounds of the aforementioned genres, the gradual transformation of Dead Soft from their 2011 self-titled EP to last year’s highly acclaimed Teen Fiction EP is palpable. Out with the soft and in with the heavy.

Not only does this musical shift display the high level of talent between the band’s three members, but it also is evidence of just how hard the group have worked in only a couple of years. Characteristic of Dead Soft’s sound are creatively radiant harmonies, complex melodies that are steered with honest lyrics which then are accompanied by a mixture of mainly-heavy-but-sometimes-poppier sound production. It’s the innocently rebellious kinda sound that makes you wanna yell, “Fuck you mum!”.

As well as being hard at work on their debut album, Dead Soft can be found playing in and around Vancouver for all of you lucky Canadians. Yes, Canadians are musically blessed but they also have to deal with wild bears. So while you’re waiting for the release of their album, head to Dead Soft’s Bandcamp and let that inner rock star run free.



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