Is ‘Dead Space’, one of the scariest games ever, being revived?

After an eight-year hiatus, could the studio behind Star Wars: Squadrons be reviving Dead Space, one of the scariest franchises ever made?

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, EA is planning to unveil a reimagining of an already established IP during their EA Play Live event on July 22. Online video game publication, Gematsu, believes that the IP in question is Dead Space and EuroGamer have corroborated this information in a recent article as well.

Although nothing is confirmed, this release would fall in line with EA’s recent trend of revitalising established IPs, such as with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, as well as reallocating portions of their budget to releasing dedicated single-player games. Not long ago EA also saw great success with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which may reinstall a sense of confidence for releasing more single-player titles.

Dismembering necromorphs in Dead Space
Image: Dead Space Wiki

Rumours are circulating that the development team behind Star Wars: Squadrons will be taking the lead on this new IP. Studio lead Patrick Klaus described that the studio has been “working on several unannounced projects. Innovation is tough, but also exciting and energising.” 

Survival horror classic Dead Space was incredibly well received during its initial release period in 2008. Critics praised the game for its engaging narrative, varied pace that had long moments of tense silence followed by a barrages of high-paced action. Three years later the original studio, Visceral Studio, released the sequel and managed to exceed impossibly high expectations.

Unfortunately, the final title in the trilogy failed to meet fans expectations in 2013. Many critics were not a fan of the incorporation of co-op, claiming it detached the game from the feeling of isolated fear that made the first two so successful.

The EA Play event in July will see the announcement of a plethora of upcoming titles. One of the most anticipated is the release of further information for Battlefield 2042.

Update (2/7/21): The official Dead Space YouTube channel has changed its profile picture for the first time in 8 years. While this isn’t proof of any specific theory, it does suggest something is up. All the more reason to tune in to the EA Play event, which takes place between July 12-15.