Resident Evil 9: Release date, story details, and everything we know

Resident Evil 9 is set to conclude Capcom’s acclaimed modern trilogy. We dig into all the rumours and details because, as we all know – that’s where the devil is.

The Resident Evil news you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Will there be a Resident Evil 9 to look forward to? And how many Resident Evil games are there now exactly? Well, Resident Evil 9 is rumoured to be the final instalment in Capcom’s modern Biohazard trilogy, consisting of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil Village and, of course, whatever mysterious title they have planned for RE9.

The Resident Evil game series has not only been enormously successful following RE 8 release date with fans of the iconic survival horror series but attracted a whole new audience too. Pulling off this balance of pleasing fans and newcomers alike can be tricky, but Capcom appears to be on a roll with

resident evil village
Image: Resident Evil Village / Capcom

So what can we expect from Resident Evil 9? Despite being direct sequels to each other, the last two games have remarkably different tones. Whereas the first game in the trilogy took its cues from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Resident Evil: Village leant hard into more fantastical territory.

However, we might be getting ahead of ourselves a little. The first question we should probably examine, on the tip of everyone’s tongue, is when Resident Evil 9 will be released.

lady dimitrescu
Image: Resident Evil Village / Capcom

Resident Evil 9 release date

When did Resident Evil come out? Let’s take a look at the Resident Evil games release order real quick. Resident Evil Village had a release date of May 7 2021, more than four years after the game that came before it. It’s worth noting that the Covid pandemic likely played a role in delaying the game, but this information still gives us an idea of how long it takes Capcom to develop one of these games.

After all, the pandemic isn’t entirely over, and it could contribute to Resident Evil 9 delays. Nonetheless, considering Capcom’s past behaviour, we will likely see the next game of the series in 2024.

Industry insider Dusk Golem stated in a Tweet that the RE 9 game has been in development since 2018 and that when it finally releases, it will have been in development for longer than any other Resident Evil game.

First-person vs. third-person

We can say with certainty that Resident Evil 9 will be a first-person horror game. Capcom has done a great job having their cake and eating it too, regarding this issue.

While some fans prefer the third-person perspective of the older games, Capcom has been able to service these fans with their Resident Evil remakes. Meanwhile, the modern Resident Evil trilogy has allowed them to experiment and take advantage of new technology.

resident evil 9 release date
Image: Resident Evil 3 Remake / Capcom

Resident Evil 9 story and characters

If there has ever been a video game protagonist who deserves a break, it’s Ethan Winters. The poor dude had his hand cut off with a chainsaw, was endlessly terrorised by the worst in-laws ever, and then, to add insult to injury, turned into some sort of powerful fungus man.

That said, before seemingly dying, he did manage to save his daughter’s life from the forces that were conspiring to use her as a nasty bioweapon. Honestly, the lore of the Resident Evil games runs pretty deep and also happens to be batshit crazy – which makes speculating about where it will go next nearly impossible.

However, as noted before, we know that Rosemary (Ethan’s Daughter) is alive, possesses extraordinary powers, and is under the tutelage of a shadowy organisation. We also know that Resident Evil Village ended with the line: “The father’s story is now done“. What’s unspoken here is that the story of the mother and daughter remains.

resident evil 9 story
Image: Resident Evil Village / Capcom

The ending of Resident Evil Village also suggests that Rosemary is in some way connected with Resident Evil 7 villain Eveline and that the organisation doesn’t fully trust her. We also know that series’ hero Chris Redfield is still in the picture, and probably keeping an eye on everything.

How this all plays out is anyone’s guess, although there are a few Resident Evil 9 story details we can all but confirm. Firstly, Umbrella Corporation will be involved in some devious way. Secondly, an infection of either a viral or fungal nature is going to fuck shit up. And finally, Chris Redfield will turn up at some point to save everybody’s butts (and probably punch a boulder).

The rest, as they say, is moonshine.

Resident Evil 9 platforms

Capcom has a solid track record of not playing favourites, and, considering neither Microsoft nor Sony has managed to purchase them, we don’t expect that to change. With this in mind, expect Resident Evil 9 to release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC at the same time. There may be a gameplay teaser that prioritises Sony though, as Capcom did with their Resident Evil Village ‘Maiden’ demo.

However, considering the projected 2024 Resident Evil 9 release date, the game is unlikely to release on past-generation consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One.

Resident Evil 9 leaks and rumoured title

When an anonymous source leaks video game details on a forum such as 4chan it should be taken with a grain of salt, yet that’s often easier said than done. And that’s exactly the situation in regards to Resident Evil 9, which is purportedly going to be titled Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

According to the leaker, the game will be set in a dark forest where all manner of folk-lore inspired monsters roam. Considering the fairy-tale themes of Resident Evil Village this development isn’t particularly surprising, and it’s in-line with recent horror film trends (The Witch, Midsommar, The Ritual).

In the 4chan post, which has since been archived, the leaker stated the game will feature Capcom’s interpretation of a Wendigo monster, as well as something referred to as ‘Goatman’. Which while not particularly specific, has me intrigued.

resident evil 9 goatman
Image: Resident Evil Village / Capcom

The post also claims that Resident Evil 9 will commit to body horror more strongly than any previous instalment in the series; which says a lot considering the horrific transformations the franchise has built its reputation on.

It’s difficult to know how seriously to take these Resident Evil 9 leaks, but if we get a glimpse of a horned Goatman monster in future previews then I guess the anonymous leaker of the Resident Evil Village plot will be able to say ‘I told you so’.

A return for Lady Dimitrescu?

When is Resident Evil Village coming out you ask? Well, it has. It came out on May 7 of 2021 which is the same day as the RE8 release date too. And if you’ve played Resident Evil Village, you know this is probably delusional. But could Capcom really have done-in the Goddess of Girth like that? Dying, pitifully, in an explosion of black worm-like fungus, and then finally forged into a boring-ass crystal statue? No, that’s no way to treat the legendary lady.

If Capcom knows what’s good for them, they’ll allow Lady Dimitrescu a richly-deserved resurrection in Resident Evil 9. Hell, Albert Wesker has been killed and brought back to life numerous times, and that guy’s about as charming as an ingrown toenail.

re village dlc
Image: Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose / Capcom

Resident Evil Village DLC

While it mightn’t qualify as Resident Evil 9 news directly, the long-rumoured Resident Evil Village DLC finally has an official release date. The Winters’ Expansion, as it has been titled, will consist of three components: the multiplayer Mercenaries minigame, Shadow of Rose story DLC, and a new option to play the whole game from a third-person perspective.

The third-person Resident Evil Village DLC release date option will go down a treat for fans of the older games, as well as those wanting to get ready for the Resident Evil 4 remake. However, as you can see, developer Capcom has quite a lot on their place right now; meaning a Resident Evil 9 release date is still a ways off.

Stay tuned

That’s about it when it comes to Resident Evil 9 details and rumours. We are still far from the game’s release, so check back in for regular updates on the next Resident Evil game.