Death Grips’ new album set to become one big Shrek meme

Yeah, you read that correctly. Death Grips have recently revealed through Twitter that they are hard at work on a new album with none other than the director of Shrek and Shrek 2, Andrew Adamson.

Death Grips Shrek

There are few things in life that debatably, might not work well together; sardines and ice-cream, pineapple and pizza, Death Grips and Shrek.

The group have been on hiatus since their 2016 Bottomless Pit album, which was a follow-up to their The Powers That B, both of which are highly-regarded within the experimental hip-hop scene.

Death Grips graced our Australian shores back in 2017, with sold out shows across the board, and multiple venue upgrades to accomodate the incredible public demand.

Death Grips are not strangers to unusual collaborations, back in 2013 the trio dropped Birds, an eclectic hot mess of aggression and energy – with a special guest playing a riff before the hook. None other than Mr. Sparkles the vampire himself; Robert Pattinson.

Yes, Death Grips recorded Edward Cullen playing guitar, and used the riff as a sample throughout the track (and would you believe that Mr. Pattinson is a huge fan of Death Grips? The more you know).

Peep their album announcement below.

We’re not only holding out for some Shrek samples dabbled throughout Death Grips’ new one, we’re also hoping to see some sweet Shrek/Death Grips merch. Only time will tell, donkey.

Via Pitchfork.