Need some inspiration? The new single from Joel James will get you back on your feet

Joel James is relatively new on the scene, but his latest single Adorn Above will ensure that his up-and-coming status won’t be there for long.

The track is self-reflective and accessible all at once. Taking advantage of huge sonic landscapes and complex instrumentation, Joel James has set himself apart.

Joel James

The latest single from Melbourne artist Joel James explores emotional heartbreak, disappointment and disillusionment with the music industry as well as personal loss.

Set free into the world on January 19th, the single takes audiences to the lowest points of the artist’s life experience, and on a journey to self discovery.

Of the single James has shared “‘Been torn apart a thousand times, but now there’s more of me to see’ – When I wrote that line, the song made sense. It’s such a bad ass statement, so much attitude. I believe that anyone who is used to rejection, no matter the industry they are in, will live and breath those lyrics.”

Those in pain feel deeply the bruises of being pushed down again and again. With Adorn Above Joel James has reared his head from that despair, emblazoned by the passion only the rejected can know.

While he is still relatively new to us, this is not James’ first release. Dropping his debut EP I’m a Fool in 2016, the artist has been working up to this new single for a while. If you are a fan of Imagine Dragons or twenty one pilots, Joel James is certainly someone you should keep in eye on.

Adorn Above is available online now. Let’s hope there’s an opportunity in the near future to catch this rising star live on stage.