PREMIERE: Future Love Hangover hits the streets in his latest clip Out of Space

After the successful release of his single Out Of Space, Sydney artist Future Love Hangover has hit us with another incredible production, this time an accompanying music video.

What is also handy to know is that while this guy is a dope musician in his own right, he is also an insane producer for one of Sydney’s most prestigious studios. Working for Studio 301, he’s worked on music for the likes of The Preatures, Urthboy and Sampa The Great.

His expert knowledge of production and soundscape has definitely gone into making this latest body of work. Holding a happening in Sydney’s Camperdown Park, the interactions with a growing crowd of curious listeners forms the basis of a compelling clip.

Future Love Hangover

The latest clip from Future Long Hangover is reflective of the artist’s curiosity and adventurous approach to new music.

With a clearly experimental approach and a push into the realm of new sonic experiences for the artist, Out Of Space left so much room for creativity when it came to making this video. Having explored the use of natural sound and his environment, the scope for using Sydney and his story as a backdrop would seem to be the obvious choice.

We spoke to Jack Prest, the man behind the act, about how his new clip came to life.

“The clip came about through a collaboration with visual artists Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, and photographer and designer Jordan Charles Stokes. I’ve been working with this team on all the visual elements so far.”

“It started with Jordan designing the album cover, which features a pink shape. Then Joe had the concept of turning that digital shape into a physical object and it kinda snowballed from there. We also worked with cinematographer Lucca Barone-Peters who did a great job documenting the event and colourist Cozzie Wood who put the finishing touches on for us.”

As you’ve hopefully ascertained, for Prest Future Love Hangover is equal parts an artistic and musical performance. Reflecting on the former of the two disciplines, he shared:

“There has always been an interdisciplinary element to the project, that has incorporated music, performance, images, design, websites and video. You can check out my first two albums Ecstatic Yours Truly and Traditional Late Night Drinking to see previous examples of what I mean by that. In both these two earlier albums there was a focus on intuition and following the ideas rather than an preconceived notion of what I should be doing.”

“I’ve really extended that concept into this latest body of work. The upcoming album is called Sincere Input and that very much captures the main artistic motives behind it. We have been following a creative flow, almost a stream of consciousness to formulate the music and other multi-media ideas. In doing this we are seeking to create something genuine and original, where the work is key and the creators are simply acting like a conduit for the ideas.”

“I liken it to how you don’t give credit to the dirt for growing the plant, although it is essential it to the process the dirt is the foundation rather than the end result to be appreciated. In many ways this concept puts me at odds with the prevailing notion of the artist. In the 21st century the artist usually overshadows their work and for me that notion is problematic. As such I don’t think the term artist or art is accurate to describe my work. In reality I’m just a person who likes to play and make things.”

As you can see from the video, Prest’s first happening was a success.

“I think the most interesting reaction was that people thought the object was magical. They were unsure of where the music was coming from. It was all pretty straight forward really we just had a set of wireless headphone but people thought the sound was coming through the string, or from the pink shape or even being collected by the pole on top as some kind of aerial!”

“To be me this showed how successful we had been in creating a truly new experience for people, in that they had no frame of reference for what they were experiencing leaving them to equate it with magic or illusion even though it was never intended as such.”

This single is one which comes off of his impending third studio album. With a bunch of new tracks in the pipeline for the coming months, we can only expect great things from here on in.

Likely to be see events similar to those held in Newtown recently, the fan fare around this record will be next to none.

“We will be doing two to three more happenings over the coming months to coincide with more single releases and then the album. Each happening will be a development of the last and we are still not sure exactly what form they will take. The next event will be in late April so keep an eye out.”

If you have a keen interest in music from a producer’s perspective, like to delve deeper into natural and organic sound or just want to get more weird and wonderful, then the music from Future Love Hangover is definitely for you.