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Bursting with soaring anthems, Breakwall’s debut EP is equal parts epic and heartbreaking

Breakwall are not a band that shy away from heavy topics. In fact, they confront them head-on with raw, unapologetic power.

On their debut self-titled EP, the Wollongong-based four piece tear through an explosive mix of crunching riffs and powerful lyrics that somehow feel like both a helping hand and a smack in the head.

On their debut EP, Wollongong’s Breakwall are confronting their innermost issues with explosive power and soaring anthems.

With lyrical topics ranging from love, mental health, the passing of a close friend, and suicide, Breakwall’s debut EP tackles the tough issues with absolute honesty and incredible bravery.

The EP’s opener Breakwall begins with the sounds of crashing waves and an unnerving drone, before erupting into a thumping anthem that’ll make you want to scream your lungs dry.

“I waited for you my friend, I was sure that I’d see you again,” the track begins. As the lyricism continues to rope you in, the instrumentation builds into a catharsis of rip-tearing guitar solos.

Made up of Tama Gill on vocals and rhythm guitar, Lachlan ‘Milky’ Green on lead guitar, Jaben Betz on bass, and Jacob Ingram on drums, Breakwall draw inspiration from early new wave, alternative rock, and grunge – and wear these influences proudly on their sleeves.

The EP’s lead single Southbeach is another post-punk anthem full of chugging guitars and chaotic choruses. Peaking with a guttural, purifying yell, it’s another that’ll make you want to raise your beer in the air and scream your heart out.

The Breakwall EP was recorded and produced by the band themselves (plus a few close friends) using equipment from their university, giving the EP an irresistible DIY charm.

If you want to catch a burgeoning alt-rock force right before it rears its head, we suggest hitting up Breakwall.


Make sure you catch Breakwall on their EP release tour (dates below). Breakwall is out March 21st.

March 21 – Rad Bar, Wollongong – EP Launch
March 24 – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
April 29 – Valve Bar, Sydney
May 26 – Transit Bar, Canberra

More info over at Breakwall’s Facebook page.


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March 12, 2018