PREMIERE: Soviet X-Ray Record Club’s new single Weekend is a barrage of twisted glory

Formed in the midst of Brisbane’s indie-pop epidemic of 2012,Soviet X-Ray Record Club weren’t always met with open arms from their local scene.

Though with their abrasive, unsettling barrage of dark-wave, noise, and late 70’s/early 80’s era post-punk, SXRC have since become one of the country’s best acts.

Soviet X-Ray Record Club have no intention of being your clean-cut, indie-pop band. They’re a gloriously mangled bombardment of gloomy and harrowing distortion.

SXRC’s newest single Weekend steps away from the electronic, synth-orientated direction of the Houses EP, and towards a “band in a room” type of sound.

The result is a harrowing and twisted assault of distorted guitars and vocals, and strangely quite dance-able.

Weekend feels like the soundtrack to some demented disco; flashing lights in a sweat-drenched room, with the ever-present feeling that something far more sinister is lurking in the background.

The Brisbane four-piece are made up of Steven Appleton on vocals and guitar, Leith Jacobs on drums, Shaun Paton on keys and backing vocals, and Kurt Pitman on bass.

Having scored support slots for such bands as The Belligerents, Flyying Colours, New Gods, The Courtneys, and Hinds, Soviet X-Ray Record Club are well versed in delivering strong, mesmerising live shows.

The band say they were driven to deliver this level of show after “watching locals Strangers From Now On stun the audience with their intense performance.

SXRC’s new LP is scheduled for release early 2019.


Check out the dates for SXRC’s Weekend single tour below:

April 7 – The Bearded Lady, West End
May 10 – The Tote, Melbourne
May 11 – The Grace Darling, Melbourne
May 18 – Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast