The Courtneys

Does Courtney ring a bell? Any guesses? We’re not talking about Courtney Love, nor Courtney Cox and certainly not Kourtney Kardashian… although the band in scrutiny had tees with the images of the aforementioned lovelies on them. But this band is not some flossy forgettable pop act, it’s a gritty three-piece girl powered engine. Hailing from Vancouver, Jen Twynn Payne (drums), Courtney Loove (guitar) and Sydney Koke (bass) are the ladies behind The Courtneys.

the courtneys band

The trinity play indie-punk that draws heavily from the 80’s synth pop genre. They name French electronic duo Air as one of their major influences. Their tracks are filled with witty lyrics, bangin’ hooks, punchy guitars and strong vocals. They’ve performed a number of live acts in their own country as well as in the good ol’ States. They started out with number of singles, a tape and then their track 90210 was used on an episode of MTV’s Awkward. Ka-ching.

Last year they released their self titled, 8 track debut. One of tracks is named K.C. Reeves, and it’s a high-powered love ballad of sorts for the one (puntended) and only pokerfaced, slicked haired vampyr Keanu Reeves. A track everyone can relate to!

On first listen, Nu Sundae is a track that presents itself as being the audio embodiment of the bright colours of summer, but dig a little further and you’ll be surprised to find that its heart is not the sweet luscious fruit you expected it to be. Instead you’ll find traces of insincerity and quite a bit of treachery. The lesson? Never judge a song solely by its melody. Give the lyrics a chance!

You can catch them as the supporting act to Tegan and Sara on the duo’s Let’s Make Physical Tour in the coming months of May and June. The Courtney’s have also got their own shows lined up for the east coast, so watch their FB page for updates. Gal power.



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