PREMIERE: Britt Rion crafts offbeat tranquility in stunning new clip Chaos & Beauty

New Zealand solo artist Britt Rion has given us another glimpse at her ethereal world with second release entitled Chaos & Beauty.

The track is a masterfully crafted three and a half minutes showcasing Rion’s celestial vocals layered on top of delicate guitar and synths. While its minimalism could, on paper, be mistaken for over-simplicity, Rion has used the opportunity to flaunt both her luscious voice and songwriting prowess.

Backed by gentle steel drums and a rhythmic metronome, Rion crafts herself a magic-filled landscape flourished with brooding sounds that reach an offbeat oasis of tranquility.

britt rion chaos & Beauty

The true beauty in Britt Rion is that she manages to find the charm and allure in what might otherwise be considered chaos.

“The song started in a dream – I woke up after dreaming about a person singing the melody”, Britt Rion said of the track. “I went into the studio the same day and started hearing Caribbean Steel Drums going around in my head, with the Kalimba sound underneath.”

“So I made a loop of it and started to write… the song ended up being a personal conversation I called Chaos & Beauty. My relationship with the person I was talking to seemed to be pretty chaotic and rocky yet somehow weirdly beautiful at the same time, so it seemed fitting.”

The track is much more stripped back than previous release C H I M A, which saw Rion produce a more electrically-charged and pop-heavy sound. In contrast, Chaos & Beauty provides an insight into her own sensitivities and holds the promise of more compelling releases from the young artist.

The track comes with the simultaneous release of a dreamy video shot and directed by Rion and her sister, Tamlyn Rose. All done in one sweeping take, the video explores the girls’ home suburb of Whangaparaoa in a otherworldly light that reframes the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

The two weave their way through their own dimly lit suburbia, unfolding a beguiling exploration of norms through a fantastically simple new perspective. The video is an opportunity to see Rion add visual artist to her long list of talents, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the wonderful world she creates.