How do we feel about Shrek hosting a series of Raves across Australia? Well it’s happening

A so-called ‘Shrek Rave’ is currently touring Australia, with organisers slating additional dates across the country for early next year. 

It comes as welcome news for Smash Mouth fans, or anyone looking to yell “get out of my swamp” without fear of a side-eye. The rave has so far been scheduled for dates in Ballarat, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra, with the Brisbane edition taking place last week.

The event, which could easily be re-titled ‘The Cult of Shrek’, encourages all attendees to dress up as the iconic DreamWorks character, and promises to play the animated franchise’s biggest hits — All Star included. 

Still from 'Shrek' film
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

The Shrek rave’s run of shows in the US sold out earlier this year, with the upcoming Australian tour marking the event’s first stint Down Under. The next rave — which sees organisers transform venues into the film’s Kingdom of Far Far Away — will be held in Canberra tomorrow night (December 9), before wrapping up at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on January 14. 


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On top of the Smash Mouth hit, attendees have been promised a playlist filled with Shrek’s most famous bangers, including You Belong to Me and I’m On My Way. Also featured on the rave setlist are Shrek soundtrack contributors The Monkees and Leonard Cohen, whose songs I’m A Believer and Hallelujah featured in the franchise’s first instalment in 2001.

Footage from the Shrek Rave’s Brisbane outing shows pundits dressed as Princess Fiona, Lord Farquard, and the hilarious, Eddie Murphy-voiced Donkey. Fittingly, organisers encouraged ticket holders to “release [their] inner ogre”, and prescribed the simple dress code: green.  

The Shrek rave isn’t the only movie-themed music event on Australia’s social calendar. 

Still of Shrek in mud in 'Shrek' film
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

Earlier this year, a Shrek-themed burlesque show, titled Shreklesque, took to venues in Sydney and Brisbane. Meanwhile, this weekend, a concert themed around the Christmas film Love Actually will take to venues in Brisbane and Sydney, both of which are supported by a live orchestra.

Check out some footage from the Brisbane edition of the Shrek rave above, and head here to source ticketing and event info.   


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