Thorne’s new video for Second Chances is moody and completely captivating

Earlier this month, when Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Thorne dropped his epic debut single, we were immediately on board with his dynamic pop sounds. Now today, he has released the track’s accompanying video, and it’s a moody cityscape perfectly capturing the track’s soulful lyrics and vibe.

After throwing himself onto the music scene with more grace than a usual debut, Second Chances is an expert look into human frailty. Exploring themes like human flaws, imperfections and the process of accepting those as a method of personal discovery.

With his debut single Second Chances exploding onto the Aussie music scene, Thorne’s new music video finds the perfect balance of mood and soul.

This lush and soulful pop ballad is set perfectly against the backdrop of a lonely cityscape. Thorne is seen wandering around the city, checking his phone, and lamenting what could have been. Every emotion and ounce of pain is expressed in the singer-songwriter’s face, and of course through his vocal delivery.

In a short amount of time, Thorne has built a strong artistic image for himself – the sonic and visual elements of his music sit perfectly alongside one another. So, if you’re still not familiar with Thorne, you had better get on the bandwagon ASAP. We’re predicting big things.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Second Chances above.