Denny Laine of the The Moody Blues and Wings has passed away

We remember Denny Laine, a musician who shaped music history with his profound contributions to The Moody Blues and Wings

We say our goodbyes to Denny Laine, a seasoned musician known for his contributions to The Moody Blues and Wings.

At the age of 79, he succumbed to Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), creating a void in the rock history books.

denny laine death

The news of Laine’s passing was shared by his wife, Elizabeth Hines, who described his journey with a mix of sadness and admiration.

“My beloved husband peacefully passed away this morning,” she shared on social media.

Despite their hopes for his recovery, ILD proved to be a formidable opponent, gradually wearing down his resilience.


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Hines portrayed Laine as a strong and brave individual who faced his health challenges without complaint. His desire was simple – to be at home with his wife and his pet cat, Charley, playing his guitar.

Born on October 29, 1944, in Birmingham, Laine’s musical journey started with The Diplomats and later included co-founding The Moody Blues in 1964. His voice was prominent in their chart-topping track ‘Go Now.’ Over the years, he collaborated with the Electric String Band and joined Ginger Baker’s Air Force.

However, the turning point in Laine’s career came when Paul McCartney invited him to join Wings. The harmonies between McCartney and Laine propelled the band to success, highlighted by the iconic album ‘Band On The Run,’ soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The rock community mourned Laine’s passing, with tributes pouring in from fellow musicians. Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses expressed his condolences, emphasizing the impact of Wings on his life. Brian Ray, lead touring guitarist for Paul McCartney, also offered his sympathies.

Thank you Denny Laine, your musical legacy will linger—as a genuine testament to a life well-lived in the world of rock ‘n’ roll.