Denzel Curry taps into his inner warrior on latest single, Zatoichi

Denzel Curry goes on another cinematic hero’s journey in the music video for his latest single, Zatoichi.

Denzel Curry has released, Zatoichi, the second single from his forthcoming album, Melt My Eyes See Your Future.

The dynamic track shifts fluidly from up-tempo hip hop into Aphex Twin-esque drum and bass. Denzel opens with steadfast rhyming that quickly launches into double-time, as he spits a frantic, explosive verse, before seamlessly shifting down gear back into a steady hip hop pulse.

Denzel’s articulate fluidity in switching lyrical tempos is breathtaking. He performs at an exhilarating pace atop the trap-influenced rhythmic distortion of the accompanying track.

The film clip was shot on-location amidst the Peruvian rainforest and thematically follows the Sci-Fi Western visuals of the previous single, Walkin’. Zatoichi takes inspiration from the classic 1960s Japanese samurai movie character of the same name, as well as Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic, Kill Bill Vol. 2.

The Adrian Villagomez-directed video follows another cinematic hero’s journey seeing two characters dual in an exhaustive montage of soul-wrenching battle training, featuring Montreal-based dancer and performance-artist, Sophia Gaspard.

Denzel states that this album represents a step beyond catharsis as he describes being unburdened by personal afflictions, at last, free to traverse the full-scale of his most fundamental influences:

“I like traditional hip hop, I like drum and bass, I like trap, I like poetry, so a lot of that is going to be interwoven in this album including jazz and a lot of genres that I came up on as a kid and just being in my parents’ house. This album is made up of everything that I couldn’t give you on TA1300 or Imperial because I was going through depression, anger issues.”

In support of the album, Denzel is embarking on a world tour across the US, UK, and EU, with headlines booked at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and The Governor’s Ball Music Festival.

Watch the incredible film clip for Zatoichi below: