Dirty Mindsets debate which Doritos flavours pair best with their music

Dirty Mindsets stop by Happy Mag for a “highly dignified review” of Doritos, and name which flavours taste best with some of their tracks.  

Over the last few weeks, we’ve dug deep into the artistry of Western Sydney band Dirty Mindsets.

Fresh off the release of recent single Want It All, we caught up with bandmates Dylan, Blake, John and Jordan for a chat about their influences, highschool origins, and plans for future industry domination. 

Dirty Mindsets single 'Want It All'

Now, the boys from Dirty Mindsets have joined forces for the debate of our generation: which Doritos flavour is the greatest, and which one is best suited to some of the band’s most popular tracks?

Below, the musicians break down their rankings of flavours from Nacho Cheese to Mexicana, and suggest which of their tracks taste best with each. 

Check out Dirty Mindsets’ Doritos taxonomy below, and head here to listen to their recent single Want It All. 

The rating system. 

So, the boys of DMS have this little tradition (albeit rare) where we get together and discuss, review and rate the flavours of various Doritos. This time we decided to add some spicy DMS TLC and include which of our songs would suit you depending on what flavour chippy you like.

The flavours we included in our review were: Thai Sweet Chili, Original (salt), Nacho Cheese, Flaming Hot Cheese Supreme, Mexicana and Cheese Supreme.

We also made sure we ‘cleansed our palette’ by sniffing coffee beans in between each chip, and we had some dips there too (mild and hot salsa) but they made our review more complex (and us DMS boys aren’t very complex) plus our hand drawn A4 sheet of paper had no more space on it. 

Dirty Mindsets single 'Want It All'

So, for the sake of simplicity, they were there solely for our benefit. This highly dignified review was conducted by yours truly Dirty Mindsets, Dylan, Blake, John and Jordan. Our ratings were based on flavour (initial and after-taste), texture and scent and scores were given on a scale of 1-10. 1 being absolutely bland and icky, while 10 was God-like.

Dirty Mindsets Doritos ranking

Overall thoughts and reviews. 

Thai Sweet Chili – had potential, was okay, a little addictive tbh. Like a toxic ex, you keep going back to, even though they aren’t the best, they’re just there.

Nacho Cheese – a great all-rounder, is probably the best thing on Earth. It’s sweet yet unsettling (like your 30’s).

Flaming Hot Cheese Supreme – did NOT live up to the hype, no spice but it didn’t care what we thought. This chip made me angry – Blake 2k23.

Cheese Supreme – The Toyota Camry of Doritos (in a good way). Reliable, very yummy with or without dip, no one hates this chippy.

Mexicana – Es una muy buen chippy. A beautiful creation, the best bits of all the other chippies. 

OG – look it’s not the best, minimal flavour. If it needs dip, it ain’t a good chip. 

dirty mindsets


We like all (bar one) of our songs, so the bad reviews we give are based solely on the chippy. However, everyone’s different, and if you like a particular chippy that we don’t, that’s okay. We think if you like the flavour chippy on the left, you’d like the corresponding DMS song/s to its right.

Dirty Mindsets Doritos ranking