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Disney parties and $10 sake bombs: Sydney bar Goros plans for a massive long weekend

Anyone who has no idea what to do on the long weekend next week, problem solved. Japanese style bar Goros is having a huge two-night party event on Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th to take out the first month of the new decade.

The beloved Surry Hills venue known for its good food, good music, and good times will be hosting two events over both the nights; the first a Disney-themed party, the second a long weekend edition of their ever-popular Goros Saturdays.

Photo: Dani Hansen

What do you get when you mix a Japanese bar, Disney characters, $10 sake bombs and karaoke? One of the best weekends at Goros you will have this year.

The Disney-themed party partnered with Disney songs is asking for some killer karaoke. Switch off the Bowie for a little gospel courtesy of Hercules or some Elton John ergo The Lion King. To make matters even more excellent, there are no lockouts to burden Friday Highlites.

Then exactly 24 hours later, Goros will be hosting a long weekend party to bid farewell to the first month of what has already been a crazy start to the new year. This comes along with tunes from Ember, free entry, and $10 sake bombs.

It’s safe to say the start of any year – the start of a working year, going back to uni, starting that new job – can be extremely stressful. But these two parties will give everyone the chance to truly let go and enjoy the fun of dressing up as your favourite character and maybe even winning a prize, dropping a sake bomb, and letting those unnecessary worries float away.

Find out a more on each Goros Long Weekend event right here.