Diver serve up an explosive slice of indie-rock on their debut single 'Seabreeze Motel'

Diver serve up an explosive slice of indie-rock on their debut single ‘Seabreeze Motel’

On their debut single, Diver slap us across the face with unrestricted indie-rock greatness. Seabreeze Motel is as good as debut’s come, bursting with massive choruses and irresistible grooves.

It’s always so refreshing to find artists who hold nothing back, it’s the hallmark of music’s best. Unrestrained creativity in songwriting always makes for a richer, more exciting final product. Meet Diver: the Sydney four-piece who aren’t pulling any punches when it comes to their sonic.

Calling on the full force of their musical influences, the band’s debut single, Seabreeze Motel, manages to spin unapologetic choruses, jazz-tinted riffs, and nostalgic lyricism into a piano-driven, indie-rock anthem. Think it sounds like an impossible task? Dive in for yourself.


Opening with an infectious piano and rhythm combo, audiences know that they are in for something special from the get-go. Seabreeze Motel manages to build but remain full and infectious throughout its nearly four-minute run. An addictive blend of genre, Diver’s piano-driven melody delivers an off-beat groove that deepens the acidity of their already irresistible chorus.

At its core, however, the band have delivered an indie rock banger that completely rewrites the playbook. It makes it hard to believe that the track is only the band’s debut, delivering a level of sonic awareness that takes many artists years to master.


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“Drawing on a broad range of musical influences, Diver is characterised by crunchy guitar chords meeting shimmering synth hooks,” the band’s bio reads. “When this is layered behind the beat and groove of Brand and Mitchley, a unique indie rock fusion bursts to life.”

Unleashing a track that will have you pressing repeat for days, Diver are ones to keep on your radar.

Check out Seabreeze Motel below: