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Henry Alexander delivers provocative indie rock single ‘In My Shoes’

Henry Alexander

19-year-old singer-songwriter Henry Alexander is yet to disappoint, with each of his releases delivering a unique dialogue and displaying a musical maturity far beyond his years. 

Now, Alexander has released a new single In My Shoes, boasting a refreshing and enigmatic indie-rock sound which leaves you feeling good all over. 

Henry Alexander

In My Shoes is carries an infectiously upbeat sound and provocative lyricism which establishes Henry Alexander as a force to be reckoned with. 

It’s so often that we see artists who are so inspired by classic rock, that they are unable to shake the influence from every inch of their sound. What stands out immediately about Henry Alexander is that he is not afraid to use the millennial experience as an inspiration to his music, allowing the young artist to create music which nods its head to the greats, while simultaneously announcing itself as something new. Listeners will notice hints of Michael Hutchence in Alexander’s vocals, as well as a sonic swagger reminiscent of The Rolling Stones.

While all musicians can sometimes struggle to bring all the moving parts of a track together and make it feel whole, In My Shoes came together with ease. This reflects an unapologetic honesty which is present through the track’s every vein. Furthermore, the young artist demonstrates an approach to lyricism that aims to make you genuinely feel, suggesting that perhaps, the grass isn’t actually greener on the other side.

Discussing how the song came together, Alexander stated: 

“This song came together very quickly; the lyrics echo my feelings regarding recent global events and the importance of empathy and seeing things from another’s perspective. Regardless of socioeconomic or ethnic background.”

Henry Alexander has been making a mark on Melbourne’s indie music scene with the help of a talented band and production team. In My Shoes was mixed by four time ARIA award nominee Tony Espie, who has worked with a number of Aussie icons including Missy Higgins, The Avalanches, and Robert Palmer.


In My Shoes is out now.


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July 3, 2020