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7 of the absolute best DJ mixers you can get in 2020

The mixer lies at the heart of any DJ setup and shapes the entire user experience. Here are 7 of the best DJ mixers for your next set in 2020.

Even though COVID-19 has massively disrupted dance-floors at parties, clubs and festivals around the world, the art of DJing has carried on. From live streams to bedroom mixes, DJs have found a way to continue honing their craft. Similarly, the DJ mixer continues to be improved upon.

The mixer is an integral piece of equipment for any DJ set up. The DJ mixer is different to other audio mixing consoles because it is made with the specific purpose of mixing two or more tracks together. It allows the user to cue tracks that are only being played through headphones and other features that go hand-in-hand with a spontaneous workflow.

Current DJing practices simply wouldn’t be possible without the existence of the DJ mixer.  Initially designed to mix together two spinning vinyl records, it has evolved with newer technology and changing trends in music. Read on as we take a closer look at 7 of the best examples on the market.

DJ Mixer

Numark M6 USB Four-Channel USB DJ Mixer

Numark is one of the most trusted names when it comes to DJ gear. They make sturdy and affordable gear that is great for those dipping their toes into DJing, all the way up to the big leagues.

Even by their standard, the Numark M6 offers staggering value for a fully-fledged four-channel mixer. It tightly integrates with popular mixing software Serato, plus, has a seamless fader. What’s not to love?

To find out more head to the Numark website.

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2

More than any other brand, Pioneer dominate the DJ equipment market. Pioneer is universally accepted as the industry standard and is unrivalled in brand recognition in the DJ booth.

The DJM-900NXS is the first mixer released from Pioneer with 64-bit processing, offering up superior audio performance. There is also an extensive range of effects, giving you greater creative control and spontaneous tweaking when mixing.

To find out more head to the Pioneer website.

Allen & Heath Xone: 96

Alongside Pioneer, Allen & Heath is another big name in the DJ gear industry. They are revered for making premium equipment with tasteful, tactile analog design.

The Xone:96 borrows from the legendary analogue Xone:92 and adds a heap of new digital features. It has 6 channels and a mammoth amount of intuitive controls — with notably deep EQ capabilities. This is the option for those who demand extensive control over their tone.

To find out more head to the Allen & Heath website.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is made be played with Native Instruments flagship mixing software, Traktor. It has two normal channels for mixing and two channels called Remix Decks that allow you to connect directly to Traktor. This broadens the FX pallet and other musical options available to the DJ.

Kudos to Native Instruments for thinking outside the box and attempting to do something completely new here. If you already have Traktor software then this would be an obvious choice for extending your set into the hardware world.

To find out more head to the Native Instruments website.

Rane MP2015 Premium 4-Channel Rotary DJ Mixer

If you are looking for a classy rotary mixer then the Rane MP2015 is a compelling option. Rotary mixers vary from regular mixers by not having mixing faders and generally having more elegant and simplified designs with fewer show-stopping effects. This often results in a slower, more gradual mixing style.

Also shipping with the Rane MP2015 is a built-in audio interface and Serato Scratch compatibility. Second to none for the techno and house connoisseur who’s into building slowly evolving sets.

To find out more head to the Rane website.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 is a stellar two-channel mixer that can be used with Serato software or via USB.

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 has pads meaning it can also be used as a stand-alone MIDI controller. This is part of a wider trend of integrating MIDI controls into a traditional DJ mixer. This not only gives DJs a wider range of musical expression — it means that those in the market for a MIDI controller and a mixer can kill two birds with one stone.

To find out more head to the Pioneer website.

Allen & Heath Xone:23

This has all the essentials without any of the add-ons, meaning you can get an Allen & Heath quality product without breaking the bank. The two-channel mixer has everything you need to get the dancefloor bouncing: loop function, a plethora of FX choices, and a very user-friendly layout.

A seriously desirable option if your budget is tight and you’re looking for a no-nonsense mixing experience.

To find out more head to the Allen and Heath website.