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New documentary ‘AAA Access Festival Pass’ pulls back the curtain on Australia’s music festival season

The 17-minute doco goes well beyond the music festival after-movies we’ve all seen… and yawned at. 

Melbourne-based production company Enamoured Iris has debuted their new mini-documentary, AAA Access Festival Pass.

Pulling back the curtain on Australia’s fast-paced festival circuit, the 17-minute odyssey follows camera crews as they document a string of festivals, offering an exclusive and in-depth look into some of the biggest music events on the Australian calendar. 

'AAA Access Festival Pass' documentary

Blending the art of cinema with the precision of marketing, Festival Pass goes well beyond the typical after movies crafted by festival organisers, instead transporting revellers into the pulsating rhythms of the mosh pit.

Included in Enamoured Iris’ quest to translate this atmosphere to the screen is a run of six iconic music festivals and three national tours, all taking place at breakneck speed over the 2022/23 summer period.

'AAA Access Festival Pass' documentary

Festival Pass is the result of 21 days of shooting, and while you might think you’ve seen festival films before, what’s unique about this documentary is its commitment to storytelling.

Far from a montage of headliners and cheering crowds, Festival Pass gets to the engaging and emotional heart of Australia’s music culture, while also documenting the staple festival antics we all know and love. 

'AAA Access Festival Pass' documentary

While festivals rightfully take centre stage in the film, Festival Pass is just as interested in the processes behind documenting a festival.

The mini-doc sheds light on the camera crew themselves, and their meticulous, boots-on-the-ground efforts to capture the scenery in innovative and exhilarating ways. 

AAA – Festival Pass, embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of persuasive storytelling,” Enamoured Iris Director Paddy says.

“We’ve gone beyond the conventional, delving into the heart of festival culture to deliver an experience that sparks emotions and engages minds.”

AAA Access Festival Pass is available to stream in-full on Youtube now. Watch the mini-doc below, and head here to find out more about Enamoured Iris.