Ontario native Dom Pavic releases nostalgic new single Why Does It Feel So Real?

Singer and songwriter Dom Pavic has been creating and performing music for the last nineteen years.

Recently embarking on a solo project, Pavic presents a shimmering, wistful follow up to his debut album Early in the Morning, Late at Night with Why Does It Feel So Real?

Drawing on 70s rock, folk and country, Why Does It Feel So Real? is a pleading question of love or lust. A timeless, undoubtedly relatable topic for Pavic to proclaim his confusion over.

dom pavic

Layered vocal harmonies that conjure memories of Creedence Clearwater Revival and a sense of genial desperation make for an accessible, malleable single.

There’s something about Why Does It Feel So Real? that seems fit for the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack, as well as a quality similar to that of Heatmiser – the sense that Pavic is writing for himself and only himself, and those privy to hearing it get to decide whether or not to join him.

Pavic has a charming vocal tone, one that feels theatrical and relaxed at the same time. There is a subtle epic rock energy to Why Does It Feel So Real?

A somewhat anthemic chorus and multiple cyclical build ups make for a pool of anticipation and release.

The easiest thing to do is to follow the current Pavic has created. 

Undeniably catchy, Why Does It Feel So Real? has all the markings of a pop song – simplistic and effective structure, repetitive lyrics and easy to follow dynamics.

This combined with the jangly guitars, languid drums and unrestrained vocal generates the bulk of the nostalgia Pavic taps so readily into.

It’s a strong follow up to his debut record, one that illuminates his work ethic and passion. 

Why Does It Feel So Real? feels like a song for everyone. Music lovers and music in the background types alike.

It’s this broad accessibility that is Pavic’s greatest strength. His ability to write something that fits so seamlessly into the fabric of society and archives of music as a whole. 

Diving into real-world impact, Pavic has partnered with Alternatives For Women, channeling the proceeds from his live performances straight to their cause. Every cent counts, and it’s all in.

Why Does It Feel So Real? marks Pavic’s lucky 13th official song release. Have a listen below:

Review By Caitlin Norris