Beirut’s ‘Hadsel’: Folklore flirts with the future

Beirut, the master of indie folk fusion, returns with their long-awaited album ‘Hadsel’ after five years.

Renowned for their captivating fusion of indie folk, Balkan folk, and world music influences, Beirut has left audiences worldwide entranced by their lush and evocative soundscapes.

Zach Condon’s distinctive voice harmonises with an eclectic array of instruments, including trumpets, ukuleles, and accordions, crafting a rich and immersive sonic journey.

After five years of anticipation, Beirut is set to mesmerise their listeners once more with the upcoming release of their album, “Hadsel.”

While some may recall last year’s release of a collection titled “Artifacts,” it’s worth noting that these were lost melodies hidden beneath beds and in dusty corners.

“Hadsel” promises an entirely fresh body of work, undoubtedly shaped and refined during the band’s years of absence.

Currently, the single “So Many Plans” offers a tantalising preview of what the album has in store.

Condon found inspiration for the new album during his time in Hadsel, describing it as follows: “During my stay in Hadsel, I immersed myself in the music, lost in a trance… The fleeting moments of daylight unveiled the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and fjords, while the prolonged twilight filled me with quiet excitement. I’d like to believe that this stunning scenery somehow permeates the music.”

Regarding “So Many Plans,” Condon added, “I liked that this song struck a balance between the feelings of acceptance, hope and giving up. The lyric came from a covid-times lament that rolled effortlessly into a kind of short lullaby. The instruments were somewhat unusual for me at the time, having dusted off a baritone uke I never used before to join the album’s primary instruments of either pump or church organ and the modular synthesizer as percussion and bass.”

With this exciting album release, there is the promise of a musical journey, a glimpse into Condon’s creative mind, and the potential for new sonic experiences that may resonate deeply with listeners.

Hadsel is set to be released on the 10th of November with the songs as follows:

Hadsel Tracklist:
1. Hadsel
2. Arctic Forest
3. Baion
4. So Many Plans
5. Melbu
6. Stokmarknes
7. Island Life
8. Spillhaugen
9. January 18th
10. Süddeutsches Ton-Bild-Studio
11. The Tern
12. Regulatory

Hadsel is out November 10 via Condon’s label, Pompeii Records.

By Isa Velasquez