Selasie drops a perfect ode to 90s R&B in debut EP ‘For The Sky’

Alt-RnB artist Selasie’s debut EP “For The Sky” drops, marking a serene self-discovery odyssey.

The Australian alt-RnB artist Selasie has quietly unveiled his highly-anticipated debut EP, “For The Sky,” released through Island Records Australia. Can we get a hell yeah, for what is set to be one of the best releases of the year.

Alongside this exciting release, Selasie has also shared plans for a couple of intimate EP launch shows and a special collaboration. At just 24 years old, this Sydney-based musician is proving to be a rising star, and “For The Sky” is a testament to his emerging talent.

selasie for the sky

First things first, mark your calendars! Selasie is set to launch his debut EP at Bad Decisions in Melbourne on Saturday, September 30th, promising a night of mellow vibes and soulful tunes.

Selasie’s debut EP, “For The Sky,” takes listeners on a serene journey of self-awareness during those tumultuous adolescent years. The EP features a collection of emotionally resonant tracks, including “I Feel Something,” “Survival,” “I Told You,” and the striking debut, “Unnatural.”

Selasie offers insight into his creative process, saying, “each track was written in the heat of the moment during various breakthroughs and emotional experiences in my life. Many of these songs were freestyled in the studio, born out of frustration and an overflow of emotion. These emotions run the gamut from love and heartbreak to triumphs and despair. The EP is an emotional experience that traces my journey into adulthood.”


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In a world where music often serves as the soundtrack to our lives, Selasie’s “For The Sky” is a remarkable addition to the alt-RnB landscape. And with a penchant and an ear for clarity in sound, Selasie has tapped into the best of 90s RnB, delivering an EP that is a downright banging delight.

It invites us to explore the complexities of self-discovery, set against the backdrop of a talented artist’s musical evolution. With the release of this EP, Selasie is carving out his own path in the music industry, and it’s clear that “For The Sky” is just the beginning of what promises to be a laid-back and soulful journey.

Immerse yourself in a track by track by Selasie below:

‘I Told You’

Producer: GXNXVS

I remember the session clearly. I went into the studio trying to cut another song, but my emotions were not synced up with what I was trying to do. Vivek, my sound engineer, asked me what was weighing on me and we had a little therapy session. He suggested I write about how I’m feeling and maybe select a different sound. That’s when I pulled up a rough sketch of a loop produced by GXNXVS and the words started flowing quite naturally. The hook was cut in less than a minute. It’s those moments I treasure when the song writes itself. It’s a moment where I feel like there’s something magic. In fact not one line was over thought or over constructed.”


Producer: GXNXVS

The first single I released. I didn’t want to come out just as a rap artist. I wanted my first introduction to leave people guessing where I sit and what type of artists I am. This song doesn’t feel totally pop. It doesn’t feel totally R&B, it doesn’t feel totally rap either. ‘Unnatural’ is about heartbreak and missing someone, and not feeling the same after you go through something.”

‘Save Me’

Producer: GXNXVS

Save Me is the pursuit of excellence and what comes along with it. It puts me in a position where I don’t know who my friends might be and I don’t know where I am in life thus the line “ save me from the things that they want to show, save from the things that I don’t know”. It’s a song where I accept the unpredictable nature of life but I hope I don’t lose myself in the process of pursuing what I want.”

‘I Feel Something’

Producer: Pieper Beats

“‘I Feel Something’ talks about love and captures the first time I experienced it. It encapsulates a range of different emotions including trust, forgiveness, and lust. I wrote it after a string of sad songs. We live in age where people are scared to love so I wanted to write something that was the antithesis to that.   This song made me stop writing sad songs in general. It stems from that moment we trust how we feel when seeing someone new and choosing not to listen to second thoughts.”


Producer: GXNXVS

“Survival Is a song that showcases and deep dives into the various struggles during my adolescence in Western Sydney. It touches on my relationship with a higher power and exposes a fight or flight reality that I had to overcome in order to hold onto a hope for a better future. I hope people learn that I am someone who feels things very deeply as an artist but I would want them to understand that is also what builds my strength,”

‘For The Sky’

Producer: GXNXVS

For The Sky is a song of triumph. It’s about overcoming pain and barriers to success and ignoring the doubt around you. Blocking out the noise and finding an extra tank of energy to conquer your goal. It’s an evolution from survival where I feel distain for the cards I’m dealt with in life – as I know there’s a sense of hope and understanding that I’ll make it through the storm.”

selasie tour

Fans in Brisbane can keep their eyes peeled for the announcement of a show date at Superfly Studios, so stay tuned for that laid-back event.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House, The Museum of Sydney is hosting “The People’s House: Up Late,” a night series dedicated to showcasing the city’s most promising emerging artists.

Selasie is joining the lineup for “The People’s House: Future Icons,” alongside already-announced artists Astro-High, Mi-kaisha, and MUNGMUNG. This free, outdoor event promises to be a chill evening of musical exploration.