Amid controversy, Dominic Perrottet becomes 46th premier of NSW

Liberal party member Dominic Perrottet will become the 46th premier of NSW after beat Planning Minister friend Rob Stokes 39 votes to 5.

The successful bid of Dominic Perrottet for state leadership comes at a tumultuous time for the state, as NSW works towards reopening post-COVID-19. “I really appreciate the trust my colleagues have put in me today”, he said.

Perrottet will replace former premier Gladys Berejiklian, who stepped down as premier following an ongoing ICAC corruption investigation.

Image: ABC

Appointed deputy leader and treasurer in the Berejiklian government, Perrottet has been commended for his economic management of NSW.

However, some are already concerned about Perrottet’s previous stance on abortions, assisted dying, and his public support for former president Donald Trump, among other views held by the MP. Perrottet has previously opposed same-sex marriage and attacked the “pronoun police” who encourage the use of gender-neutral language.

Growing up in West Pennant Hills, Perrottet attended the Roman Catholic school Redfield College in Dural, which is run by Opus Dei priests.

“I think having the Christian faith is part of who I am and inspires me to make a difference wherever I go”, Mr. Perrottet said.

Mr. Perrottet has previously opposed laws that would compel Catholic priests to tell authorities if a priest admitted to sex abuse in confidence.

“We all share in the responsibility to combat the plague of sexual abuse of children and minors and make sure it never happens again. At the same time though, we need to be clear about what this kind of law does, it compels at the threat of imprisonment, ministers of religion to violate their conscience”

It remains to be seen if the new premier will make any changes to the COVID roadmap previously outlined by the Berejiklian government.