Gladys announces the roadmap to lifting NSW lockdown

There is a glimmer of hope for NSW residents following the delegation of privileges and a long-awaited plan out of lockdown.

A number of low-risk communities will come out of the strict lockdown this Saturday, while others will have to hold out until mid-October.

The announcement was welcomed and has undoubtedly eased the minds of many. However, the exact dates of action are not as clear as anticipated.

Image: Conversation

Despite the ambiguity around an exact date, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has confirmed that the Sydney lockdown will end on the Monday following the attainment of a 70 per cent vaccinated state.

If we consider the current vaccination rate, this milestone is set to be achieved on Monday, October 18.

Speculation remains around whether or not the change will come into play immediately or if it will carry over to the following Monday.

The premier has also come out saying there is no “specific” date, and that the reopening is fluid.

Parents can rest assured that homeschooling will transition to on-campus learning on October 25. This has been confirmed by the Premier.

Most of the easing restrictions will only be accessible to those fully vaccinated, hopefully encouraging the population to roll up their sleeves.

Premier Berejiklian is not holding back, warning those unvaccinated to book an appointment or be “left behind”.

She followed up with a message to the unvaccinated, saying “you have been warned”.

September 11 will be a good day for those in the Mid-North Coast, Far North Coast and Murrumbidgee areas, with lockdown released on Saturday around midday.

Although still subject to restrictions, the change is very welcomed by the regional centres including Albury, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Byron Bay, Griffith and Port Macquarie.

September 13 will see those fully vaccinated enjoying new privileges. These changes come as a reward to the state for those who have assisted in getting 6 million administered vaccines.

People outside the LGAs of concern can gather together in groups of 5 assuming all individuals are fully vaccinated and within 5km of their homes.

For people within the LGAs of concern, fully vaccinated individuals can gather in pairs for a maximum of one hour between 5am and 9pm.