Apparently, Donald Trump wanted to leave hospital and rip open his suit to reveal a Superman shirt

US President Donald Trump had allegedly planned a Superman-inspired stunt upon leaving Walter Reed. Sadly, someone talked him out of it.

Things move fast in the world of US President Donald Trump. After being diagnosed with COVID-19 the week before last, he returned to the White House just five days later, claiming that he was feeling better than he did “20 years ago”. 

According to the White House physician Dr Sean Conley, Trump has now tested negative for the virus two days in a row. As of a couple of hours ago, Trump returned to the campaign trail with a rally in Florida – and whilst the president’s rapid reemergence in public life has left many feeling uneasy, it turns out Trump’s comeback was originally set to be a lot more comical than what actually came to pass.

donald trump superman

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, the president stated that he had become “immune” to the virus, asserting that he had a (decidedly unscientific-sounding) “protective glow”.

His comments, which appeared to downplay the virus, were criticised by many, along with his decision to return to public life less than two weeks after his initial diagnosis. Currently, scientists believe that patients can be contagious for up to ten days after symptoms disappear.

Now, a New York Times report has revealed that Donald Trump originally planned a rather dramatic return to public life. Allegedly, Trump floated the idea that, upon leaving the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as a surprise for unsuspecting observers, he would rip open his button-down shirt to reveal a Superman shirt.

Allegedly, Trump proposed that he first appear physically weak before said shirt-ripping, which, obviously, would have been for reasons of dramatic effect.

Sadly for us, a more common sense-minded person must have talked Trump out of it. But thanks to The Times, it can live on in all of our imaginations. And of course the memes, never forget the memes.

And here’s one from the man himself.